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Olympus’ new cellSens digital imaging software platform performs image capture, display, and analysis of biological images with unprecedented customization. You control your experience by placing controls where you need them, when you need them. With the unique MyFunctions toolbars and easily personalized desktop, cellSens creates a seamless workflow offering the functionality, flexibility, and scalability to support your most demanding image acquisition and analysis needs.


A new, fully customizable interface enables users to streamline their individual workflows to provide more efficient imaging and measurement processes. Layout tabs for Acquisition, Processing, and Measuring allow you to access the functions you need, when you need them. MyFunctions workflow toolbars make process-oriented workflows simple and easy to use. In addition, menus and toolbars are fully customizable, and document and tool panes may be rearranged to suit individual tastes.

Acquisition & Device Control

The cellSens package controls a broad range of image acquisition and hardware automation devices. Software support for Olympus, Hamamatsu, QImaging and other camera brands provide the utmost in flexibility. Automated acquisition is easy too. The Process Manager transforms control of automated Olympus microscopes and peripheral devices into an intuitive multidimensional imaging experience.


Easily access all Image Acquisition functions in the Acquisition Layout.

Image Display & Processing

Image display and processing tools are crucial for performing accurate and efficient image analysis. Interact with your data in multiple ways, with movie playback, projection, montage or slice views. Gain even more 3D functionality with the CI Deconvolution module’s Voxel Viewer. This module also provides the latest in microscopy imaging deconvolution technology, with advanced Constrained Iterative Deconvolution algorithms for processing multiple widefield and confocal imaging modalities with industry-leading speed.


Quickly review your data with multiple display tools. Focus on the data of interest by toggling layers and channels on and off.

Image Analysis

The cellSens package offers a broad range analysis tools to handle many image analysis requirements, from basic point-to-point measurements to phase analysis, to advanced morphometry analysis and multi-parameter classification. Colocalization and Linear Unmixing round out the suite of tools available in cellSens.


For users acquiring large amounts of data, the ability to store and retrieve collected image, measurement and annotation information is critical. The Database function utilizes Archive-Pro, a fully customizable SQL Server Express based database for use locally or across networks. Our NetCam module (For Research and Educational Use Only) offers live imaging viewing over the internet to further enhance collaborations with colleagues. Collaborate offline with your colleagues using the free cellSens Viewer software or OlyVIA, available for download from Olympus.com.



The Database module simplifies management of large amounts of data.