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Image sensor Colour CCD 
Sensor type ICX655AQ by Sony
Sensor size 2/3 inches
Resolution (max) 2,448 x 1,920 pixels
Pixel size 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm
Binning 2x
Readout mode Progressive Scan
ADC*1 3x12 bit
Exposure time 50 µs - 8 s
Live frame rates*2 7 fps at 2,448 x 1,920
  16 fps at 1,224 x 960
16 fps at 612 x 480
31 fps at 320 x 480
Cooling system No
External trigger No
Data transfer FireWireTM IEEE 1394b
OTC support*3 Yes
Partial readout Yes
Remarks Fluid and Fast Live Image free from striping or colour ghosting artefacts
Operating system Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista (SP2 32bit) / Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit


Key Features


  Fluid and natural live imaging imaging

The Progressive Scan mode of the DP26 is available at all supported resolutions, eliminating the distracting artefacts such as stripes or colour ghosts that are commonly produced using interlaced methods.  At most commonly used resolutions, a rapid refresh rate of 16 frames or more per second can be achieved, providing comfortable and pleasant live viewing. For specialist monitors capable of displaying 5 megapixels, the system can easily provide a live feed at 7 frames per second, even at this very high resolution.



  Perfect images

Whether using automatic or manual exposure routines, you will always obtain optimal image quality. The dimensions and magnification of all the images you capture are automatically recorded, making calibrated measurements, enhancement and filtering functions accurate and simple to perform. The high ISO 400 sensitivity of the DP26 makes it perfect for performing imaging in demanding light situations, such as when utilising phase-contrast/dark-field microscopy, or when working with darkly stained samples. The high dynamic range of the system keeps sample details crisp and alive. The Olympus cellSens software implements specific algorithms that calibrate the system for each individual camera installation, guaranteeing that your set-up will produce an evenly illuminated image, every time.


Brilliant colour reproduction with the Olympus True Colour Function

One of the DP26’s remarkable attributes is its real-time true colour reproduction. The application of the Olympus True Colour profiling technology guarantees the high fidelity of colours, mimicking how they appear when seen through the microscope eyepieces, including the maintenance of a natural white background. This effect is enhanced when the camera is coupled with Olympus frames utilising our exclusive True Colour LED illumination system.


Easy handling

The DP26 uses a standard C-mount connection, making installation simple and fast on most microscope frames. Specific Desktop and Laptop versions of the camera guarantee optimized performance for your specific setup, while a high-speed FireWire™ interface allows connection with a wide range of computer hardware.




The non-cooled UC30 offers high resolution, fast frame rates, high sensitivity and an actual colour binning (where images remain in colour).
The CCD chip in the UC30 has 2080 x 1544 pixels and a bit depth of 14 bits per colour channel. The camera supports various frame rates. The 3x colour binning mode (688 x 514 pixels) offers close to 35 images per second. This means searching and focusing can be done within the entire image - very convenient. In the highest resolution level of 2080 x 1544 pixels, the camera provides a frame rate of more than 5 images per second. Alongside colour acquisition, users also have a black and white mode available to them.
This camera control software is completely integrated with analysis as well. This makes real-time functions such as automatic contrast adjustment and enhancement available, ensuring the best possible images even with sub-optimal illumination.


Olympus Camera Control
All camera functions are fully operable via the analysis image-analytical software. No matter what the actual acquisition conditions, real-time functions ensure that the entire dynamic range is utilised. This ensures optimally balanced contrast and superior image quality. The UC30´s full integration into the analysis software provides all capabilities and advantages of Soft Imaging System’s innovative solutions to all challenges of image processing and analysis, ranging from image labelling on to image archiving, report generation and e-mailing and including photo-realistic printouts – all without any need for a darkroom.

 High resolution, several frame rates
The UC30´s CCD chip has a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. The user sees more and measurements can be carried out with even greater precision. The UC30's 12-bit dynamic range provides images of 4096 grey values (or 4096 grey values per RGB channel). This camera supports three different frame rates.  The special "search mode" with a frame rate of more than 25 images per second at 688 x 512 pixels makes finding suitable areas of a sample directly on the PC screen especially convenient.  The "focus mode" provides 15 images per second at 1024 x 768 pixels. And thirdly, at the highest resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels – you're still getting 5 images per second. This means your focusing can be done in real time and upon image acquisition, you have images of temptingly persuasive quality. Furthermore, the UC30 offers a black-and-white acquisition mode. The resolution of this special mode is restricted to 1024 x 768 pixels.

High sensitivity
The highly sensitive CCD elements make it possible to detect even very weak signals.  The electronic shutter offers exposure times ranging up to 160 seconds.  The UC30 offers exposure times ranging from 100 µs to 10 sec.

Easy installation
FireWire™ technology guarantees that the UC30 installation is easy on any PC or laptop equipped with a FireWire™ port. The days when you were limited to a frame grabber and just a single camera are history. FireWire™ technology enables you to use multiple cameras on the same PC. The UC30 can be mounted onto all light microscopes with a C-mount adaptor.  Plus, you only need one cable for getting data and power to the PC's FireWire™ port. No more clutter and no 'octopus' of cables getting in your way.



Image sensor Colour CCD 
Sensor type Sony ICX 252 AQ
Sensor size 1/1.8 inches
Resolution (max) 2,080 x 1,544 pixels
Pixel size 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm
Binning 2x, 3x
Readout speed 24.5 MHz
ADC*1 14 bit
Exposure time 0.1 ms-10 s
Live frame rates*2 7.0 fps at 2,080 x 1,544
  13.6 fps at 1,040 x 772
35 fps at 688 x 514
Cooling system No
Readout noise <10 e
External trigger No
Data transfer FireWireTM IEEE 1394a
OTC support*3 Yes
Partial readout Yes
Remarks -
Operating system Windows XP / Vista