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Advanced research microscope IX71

Improved fluorescence illuminator 
V-shaped optical path for brighter
Exceptional ease of use and comfort
System versatility
  IX71 for versatile routine work and research
As an advanced inverted microscope system for cell imaging, the IX71 has a unique two-tiered multi-port design for maximum flexibility. Superb fluorescence, DIC, phase contrast and Olympus Relief Contrast modes are available. The microscope sets new standards in inverted microscopy with its stable compact frame and outstanding optical performance.







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Precise, functional and compact

Wide variety of lighting systems, stands
    and accessories
Unique LED integrated illumination stand
Top zoom performance 
Ready for digital camera adaptation
  SZ61 – full featured stereo microscope
Based on the SZ51, but with superior optical performance, the SZ61 zoom stereo microscope is ideal for routine and advanced stereo microscopic observation in life science, especially for those applications that require image documentation. Various illumination solutions maximise visibility in different tasks.


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Precise, functional and compact
Excellent image flatness
Sharp, bright and high contrast optics
Best zoom ratio in its class
Targeted to basic research and
  SZ51 – versatile stereo microscope
The versatile and cost-efficient SZ51 zoom stereo microscope offers a broad range of functions for observation and documentation of specimen in life science. New ComfortView eyepieces ensure fast, comfortable observation. The world's first universal LED integrated illumination stand brings all the advantages of LED technology to stereo microscopy.


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