Lucia Karyo Software


LUCIA Karyo is a robust, feature-packed software meticulously crafted by a team of seasoned programmers in close collaboration with biology and cytogenetics specialists. The collective goal of this dedicated team is to equip cytogenetic laboratories of all scales and types with a proficient tool.


– Well-tested device combinations.

– Automatic camera setup.

– Extra large scene scanning and image stitching.

– Acquire a missing chromosome with the capture chromosome feature, valid even after karyotyping.

– Assisted chromosome separation.

– Automatic chromosome classification.

– Customizable karyogram layout.

– Tools for chromosome editing and enhancement.

– Chromosome comparison tools.

– Go back and forth in the unlimited history of actions.

– Manage the complete history of images and examinations using the Audit Trail module.

– The continuous auto-exposure algorithm balances the intensity of the scene.

– Get the maximum image quality through the automatic image quality assessment system.

– Customize or use predefined ideograms.

– Find where chromosomes originate from by simultaneously displaying the karyogram and the metaphase image couples the corresponding chromosomes.

– Audit the trial module to fully manage the document history and patient data, including examinations.


Lucia Karyo Software is compatible with other Lucia products and is also compatible and can be integrated with Optoscient’s specialized microscopes.

Lucia karyo License 

Optoscient is the exclusive license provider for Lucia Karyo Software in Egypt, The Middle East, and The GCC. You can obtain its license by contacting us.

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